The Six Least Compliant Joint Commission Standards

Facilities play a crucial role in the lives of hospital staff and patients. In life or death situations, a hospital’s environment is essential to staff and patient wellbeing. After all, patients spend time in hospitals to pursue healing and the facility plays a massive role. Hospitals are for-profit organizations with tight budgets and a never-ending […]

The Importance of Timely Service for Your Equipment

When managing large volumes of equipment, it can be challenging to keep up with the needs of the facility.  Amidst your never-ending list of day to day tasks, you don’t have time to pay attention to the minute details of each piece of equipment. But if something small goes wrong it could upset your whole […]

Energy Audits Drive Efficiency in Commercial Buildings

The basic goal of energy management is to help provide goods and services with the least cost and environmental effect. BCS Performance Solutions helps businesses with energy optimization, which relies on using advanced systems and procedures to reduce and control energy consumption while maintaining comfort. What are Energy Audits? Energy audits use a systematic approach […]

3 Energy Saving Tips for Businesses

If you run a business, then you already know your facility’s energy bill is one of the many costs of doing business. However, if you’re willing to make a few changes, you might end up writing much smaller checks at the end of the month. Just follow the following tips, and you’ll start seeing big […]

3 Reasons Why Your Facility Needs an Energy Management System

Modern commercial facilities are continually being updated and reconfigured to meet the growing demands of business, customers and sustainability. Energy management systems are one of the best opportunities to enhance efficiency, increase cost savings and streamline maintenance operations. Increased Energy Efficiency Energy management systems allow management to maintain energy efficiency and achieve optimal performance through […]

Green HVAC Systems and Energy Still Need Old-Fashioned Maintenance

Although there are major improvements that can significantly lower your utility bills such as changing your roof color or installing Energy Star-rated air conditioning units, there are also ordinary ways to ensure you are having the lowest environmental impact possible. For example, many homeowners are not aware that a basic maintenance and inspection appointment from […]

Why Invest in a New Building Automation System?

As owners continue to see pressure on rental prices, automating building and energy systems is emerging as a productive means to increase profitability.  By investing in these systems, facility owners are locking in profitability gains by reducing energy use, staff and waste.  There are a few reasons why automated tools achieve these goals. Efficiency Improvement […]