Energy Module Capabilities

Temperature controls and modulation are entering a new era of smart controls. The technology is advancing quickly and most every new facility installs a top-of-the-line energy module system. These reduce costs over time while keeping the environment cool and comfortable. Energy module devices are now extremely important in the construction or renovation of any new building. What […]

New Video Technology Enhances Security – Part One

Proper identification ensures and enhances security. New biometric technology developments are improving the quality and consistency of facial recognition security. Biometrics is gradually replacing traditional ID cards and passwords because they offer superior methods of building control and visitor authentication. How It Works Most facial recognition systems use CCTV cameras and proprietary software to automatically […]

Three Tips to Improve Water Efficiency for Businesses

Droughts have an impact on everyday life for many people around the world. They can lower job availability and wages employees receive, as well as raise the prices for food products worldwide. With severe droughts, water efficiency becomes extremely important, especially for businesses, who play a big role when it comes to water conservation. Companies […]

Asset Protection & Different Levels of Security System in Buildings

Asset protection on a building identifies and effectively manages property, technological valuables, and open spaces in a building that needs protection. Asset protection solutions monitor and alert designated administrators once a particular asset or valuable leaves the building. Structures are put in place that ensure visitors and employees are safe while in the building at all times. […]

The Six Least Compliant Joint Commission Standards

Facilities play a crucial role in the lives of hospital staff and patients. In life or death situations, a hospital’s environment is essential to staff and patient wellbeing. After all, patients spend time in hospitals to pursue healing and the facility plays a massive role. Hospitals are for-profit organizations with tight budgets and a never-ending […]

The Importance of Timely Service for Your Equipment

When managing large volumes of equipment, it can be challenging to keep up with the needs of the facility.  Amidst your never-ending list of day to day tasks, you don’t have time to pay attention to the minute details of each piece of equipment. But if something small goes wrong it could upset your whole […]