#14: Mirror Back Instructions and Goals

By: Ken Stoppel

Listening is a truly golden asset, and it doesn’t cost a thing.  It’s far more important to “listen”, than to “talk”.  Think about it, who are our favorite people to be around? Those that care about what you have to say, or those that never shut up?  Here’s #14.

In my career, I have learned some valuable lessons.  One of which is “It doesn’t cost a thing to listen”.  As someone who has something to say, nothing is more powerful that knowing that you have been heard.  More often people have a limited forum by which to share thoughts, and when they do, they are quickly discounted.  Always make it a point to truly listen, by making eye contact, and most importantly, mirroring back what you heard them say.  This can be verbal communication, or written in some cases.  This solves a couple of problems: it soothes one’s soul to express thoughts, and gets them off of your chest.  Likewise, it tells the person that is sharing, that they have been heard and respected.

One thing to remember is that because someone has been heard by you, doesn’t guarantee that you will always agree.  However, that is a far better scenario than not having a voice.
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