3 Benefits of Facility Updates and Building Automation

Organizations thrive on comfort, efficiency and productivity, and cost savings. Facility upgrades and building automation solutions are excellent ways to avoid breakdowns, increase sustainability, and reduce energy waste. Case studies prove that strategic upgrades can deliver specific benefits.

Benefits of Facility and Building Updates

Financial Benefits

There are both direct and indirect costs that come with facility administration and maintenance. Automation technology can significantly reduce monthly utility bills, which are one of the largest controllable facility budget items. Automation solutions also reduce maintenance costs, because optimized equipment that is strategically used will experience less wear-and-tear. Repairing and replacing outdated and inefficient building equipment is expensive, but newer technology solutions are designed for long-term efficient operation.

Operational Benefits

Real-time reports and graphical displays tell management what exactly is happening without having to access spaces that are confined, elevated or remote. This reduces the need to deal with OSHA confined spaces and fall protection regulations. The value of commercial buildings is directly related to the net operating income, so increasing operational efficiency can improve the bottom line.  Unexpected equipment breakdowns can cost a business thousands of dollars a minute. Building automation and facility technology use preventative maintenance programs that avoid costly breakdowns and emergency repairs.

Personnel Benefits

Maintenance managers and facility administrators will enjoy simplified operations through digital controls and software solutions. This will free their time up to deal with more important duties. Automated systems and computerized controls maintain appropriate temperatures and lighting levels to provide optimal comfort. This can lead to a more productive workforce and may also increase the comfort of visitors, clients, and the public.

When considering major equipment repair or replacement, it’s important to evaluate each against the cost of upgrading to a newer technology. Facility upgrades and building automation manage the sensitive balance between profitability, operating costs, and environmental quality. Contact us to learn how our technology will help you cost-effectively manage your facility.


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