3 Reasons Why Your Facility Needs an Energy Management System

Modern commercial facilities are continually being updated and reconfigured to meet the growing demands of business, customers and sustainability. Energy management systems are one of the best opportunities to enhance efficiency, increase cost savings and streamline maintenance operations.

energy management system

Increased Energy Efficiency

Energy management systems allow management to maintain energy efficiency and achieve optimal performance through automated processes and real-time monitoring. For example, maintenance managers can easily review equipment performance reports that will highlight high-energy consumption patterns, such as machinery and equipment automatically running overnight. Centralized energy monitoring may provide real-time updates on air, gas, water or electricity usage, so facility management can focus on energy conservation and optimization.

Centralized and Consolidated Management

What do security, mechanical, fire alarm, temperature control and building automation systems all have in common? They are performance solutions that may benefit from energy management systems. For example, a facility may be using a variety of building and temperature control devices from different manufacturers. This resulting confusion can be alleviated through implementing building optimization services and solutions. Trained professionals can consolidate and centralize HVAC infrastructure with other critical systems into one manageable system.

On-Site Support

Building Controls and Services, Inc. offers on-site employee training to ensure optimal use of facility products. It is very beneficial to have maintenance and management trained in system operation, preventative maintenance scheduling, emergency response procedures and security and fire alarm system inspections. A building’s automation control system is only as good as the user’s ability to monitor, understand and schedule components. The more that the users are trained on how to use the energy management system, the more likely they will achieve maximum savings with minimal waste and staff involvement.

Modern energy management systems offer flexible and formidable functionality without the high costs and complexity.   Contact us to increase savings, energy efficiency and facility performance.

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