3 Tips for Minimizing Energy Waste

There are certain expenses we all accept as the cost of doing business. One of those common costs is our energy bill. While we can't unplug our workplaces, we can take some steps to make sure we're getting the most out of the energy we are using.

chargers plugged into wall outlet

Tip #1: Stop Vampire Energy

When you leave some devices plugged-in, even if they're turned off, they're still using power. For example, your phone charger is sucking energy from the socket to keep the power light on. Whenever possible, use a surge protector that you can shut off with a single flip of a switch. This also provides additional electricity protection for your devices.

Tip #2: Upgrade with an Eye Toward Efficiency

If you take a look around your workplace, there are all kinds of upgrades you could make. For example, are your lights still old-fashioned incandescent bulbs? Fluorescent or LED bulbs are more energy-efficient and longer lasting. Are your desktop computers old but serviceable workhorses? Chances are they're guzzling electricity. Newer, sleeker models would use less power, and likely take up less space too. Everything from your water heater to your refrigerator should be evaluated and the cost of keeping it should be compared with the cost of upgrading.

Tip #3: Timers and Sensors are your Friends

Automating your workplace functions can save a great deal of energy. For example, a programmable thermostat can cut down on wasted energy, making sure the building isn't overly heated or cooled when empty. Using sensors in place of light switches in closets, bathrooms, and other rooms reduces risk of leaving the lights on, cutting down considerably on energy use. If your building has exterior lights, sensors can trigger when the sun goes down, ensuring they won’t be left burning throughout the day.

For more tips on how you can increase your energy efficiency, contact us today!


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