4 Steps to Implement Greener Initiatives With Your Company

Going green isn't just a public relations stunt. It's a movement that reaps its own rewards for years to come. To help start the process, these four steps can help you strategize your plans towards becoming a greener company.

1. Do Your Research 

Before implementing a green initiative at your facility, make sure you understand everything that going green entails. Decide what initiatives are a good fit for your company to start with. Are there green programs that might require more time and money than your organization can commit now? Put those lower on your list. It's a good idea to start with something easily actionable that will yield quick results and get people excited immediately. Then move to more difficult initiatives.

You'll also want to check within your organization and see whether anyone else is already leading a green program. Partner with them if you can!

2. Evaluate Everything 

Green is a big business these days. Companies know they can make more money by including the word on their product or program. Make sure you look into every claim. Utilize the research you did in the first step to make sure you are investing your time and money in a truly green product.

3. Invest in Green Cleaning Supplies

Green cleaning is a great way to get people in your organization excited right away, especially with the growing number of individuals with chemical sensitivities. Just make sure that once again you evaluate every claim! Don't spend money on cleaning supplies that claim they are green but really aren't any better than the products you already use.

4. Run the Numbers 

You've done your research. You've found a green initiative to start on. Now it's time to run the numbers of different service providers. With the amount of competition in the green movement, you should get a fair price. Going green shouldn't cost big bucks.

At BCS Performance Solutions, we are committed to helping you realize the benefits of going green. For more information, contact us.


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