5 Simple Ways to Lower Utility Spending

Another month, another utility bill. These ongoing costs can cause stress and busted budgets. While a necessary part of doing business, here are some simple things you can be doing to lower your facility costs.

Tips to Lower Utility Spend

    1. Take advantage of automated systems. Like programmable thermostats for your home, automated environmental control systems for your business can help you realize significant savings. An adjustment in temperature of a couple of degrees during non-business hours can see a significant impact to your utility bottom line.

    2. Map energy usage. Your utility control systems probably have information that you are not even aware of. An analysis of this data could reveal trouble spots that are costing you money. Ongoing monitoring of utility usage trends can spotlight issues before they reach a critical stage requiring costly emergency repairs.

    3. Regular maintenance and inspection. Your building systems work hard keeping your building comfortable year round. Periodic maintenance ensures that these systems continue to work as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. Furthermore, routine inspections are an ideal way to identify early stage issues so they can be dealt with quickly and economically.

    4. Invest in an upgrade. How does buying a new system help you save money? Your current system may function without a hitch, but depending its age could be costing you big every month by running inefficiently. Advances in technology have made today's building systems more efficient and economical than ever before. Replacing an older system with a modern one can sometimes see a recouping of the investment in energy savings alone within two years. From that point on it is all savings.

    5. Develop a failover plan. While no one wants to imagine the worst. Failing to plan for system failure can cripple a company's pocketbook. Emergency repairs or renting temporary equipment can be not only expensive, but disruptive to your business. However, a simple fallback plan could keep you operating through a crisis without bankrupting you.

The professionals at BCS can answer all your questions about these simple initiatives and how to implement them in your business. Start reaping the savings today.

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