Advanced Metering Infrastructure and Water Loss Prevention

At Performance Solutions, we focus on helping you reduce the total cost of operations across all aspects of water and wastewater treatment plants. From energy-saving aeration to high-efficiency HVAC and lighting systems to renewable energy, we focus on the strategies that have the biggest impact to your bottom line. We use technologies that reduce your cost of utilities and maintenance, improve performance and meet your long-term sustainability objectives.

According to the American Water Works Association’s annual State of the Water Industry Study , the five biggest issues in water are:

  1. Renewal and replacement of outdated water/wastewater systems
  2. Financing capital improvement projects
  3. Long-term availability of water supply
  4. Public understanding of the value of water systems/services
  5. Public understanding of the value of water resources

These are not new concerns. In fact, the top five remain the same as 2016. The problem is that public money is often shifted from water management projects and to very public, above ground jobs that are more visible to the public. However, faulty water infrastructure can disrupt above ground facilities in a big way, causing property damage and requiring 24-hour maintenance. The repairs to mend the damage can be much more expensive than planned and detrimental to your budget. It’s much easier in the long-term to invest in these water projects rather than risking a pipe bursting.

Studies have shown that municipalities are dealing with significant water and revenue losses due to their aging infrastructures. By utilizing Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), pressure monitoring, leak detection and other techniques, Performance Solutions can improve your water loss profile. These methods often significantly lower operational costs, allow you to reallocate resources and recover real and apparent costs of distribution that can be used to offset all or part of the costs of upgrade. We holistically assess your operations. Our areas investigated include:

  • Accuracy of existing meters and cost of apparent losses
  • Estimating quantity and cost real water losses
  • Meter sizing and typing
  • Current approach to meter reads and operational benefits of AMI
  • Pressure monitoring and management
  • Leak detection

Take control of your facilities budget by preventing your water system’s failure. Imagine a more predictable facility that costs you less money, stress and time in maintenance. An investment in the aging infrastructure of your water system now could mean money saved for other large improvement projects in the future. Provide a sound, healthy facility for your community and staff to enjoy for years to come.


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