Asset Protection & Different Levels of Security System in Buildings

asset protection and security system
Asset protection on a building identifies and effectively manages property, technological valuables, and open spaces in a building that needs protection. Asset protection solutions monitor and alert designated administrators once a particular asset or valuable leaves the building. Structures are put in place that ensure visitors and employees are safe while in the building at all times. Certain buildings require different levels of asset protection:

    • Perimeter Security –Walls and fences with an electric circuit are implemented to protect against a lurking intruder. Electric fences deter intruders from scaling the wall and jumping down into the building. With perimeter security, security guards may also be stationed on all access areas at the building’s entry gates.

    • Gate Entry System – This system works by monitoring people’s movement in and out of the building. All personnel must pass security clearance at the entrance gate before accessing the building. Permission is also granted only to specific areas of the building.

    • CCTV Camera System – CCTV cameras installed at strategic points can recognize movement and persons inside the building and can also capture vehicle registration. Administrators can link CCTV security systems with a mobile device for monitoring remotely.

    • Intruder Alarms – In asset protection, intruder alarms are vital, going off in case of intruders on the premises. Most intruder alarms sound a deafening alarm, deterring intruders from accessing the building.

These are only a handful of security solutions your company may consider implementing at your facility.  For more information on building security systems, please contact us.

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