BCS Performance Solutions Program Wins Energy Sustainability Award

Union Station was awarded the Energy-Process Sustainability Award at the 2016 KCIC Sustainability Awards Breakfast. Union Station and their operations manager, MC Realty, partnered with BCS Performance Solutions to address an antiquated building automation system and greatly lower energy costs.  After construction, Union Station is on their way to a 16% decrease in electricity consumption, which will result in a total reduction of 4 million kWh.

Performance Solutions partners with organizations that place importance innovation and efficiency. Both MC Realty and Union Station share these values and know the crucial role leadership plays in creating lasting change. Through their Strategic Energy and Maintenance Program, they are working to connect the silos between capital planning, deferred maintenance, building data, and people. Director of Performance Solutions, Chadd Currier, shared, “Our clients have experienced the most success with our programs when the organization’s leaders create a culture that embraces change, are constantly striving to improve and are driven to reduce operating costs. Union Station and MC Realty exude these traits and we are proud of their leadership in the Kansas City community.”

Congratulations to Union Station and MC Realty.



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