The Benefits of On-Site Water Recycling

Many companies are finding benefits by using on-site water recycling. This process allows a business to recycle water to meet their demands. It saves money and energy while providing the uses of regular treated water.

Benefits of On-Site Water Recycling

What is On-Site Water Recycling?

Companies use water daily. After use the waste water gets taken away by drainage. On-site water recycling keeps the used water in the facility. The waste water is then treated. The purpose of the recycled water determines the amount of treatment required.  The EPA has strict treatment guidelines for treatment. There is also state and Federal oversight to assure safety.

Most use recycled water for nonpotable reasons. One use is for landscape irrigation. Another use for recycled water is flushing toilets. Many industrial facilities and sites need water for cooling purposes. Recycled water works for this purpose as well.

Financial Benefits

It takes energy and money to bring fresh water daily. The costs include extraction, treatment, and transportation to its destination. These costs fall on the company. An on-site water recycling system provides extra water to meet certain needs. This reduces the need for an outside water source and reduces overall costs.

Environmental Benefits

Water recycling provides three main benefits to the environment. It lessens the risk to the natural ecosystems. It also decreases waste water which is an environmental concern. Finally, it decreases pollution. Ecosystems are at risk from regular water diversion. Water gets taken from areas and diverted to treatment plants. Then it gets transported to various destinations for use. Using recycled water takes away the need for excessive water from an outside source. This leaves more for ecosystems that depend on the natural water supply.

Treated waste water still causes problems. Treated waste water discharged in areas of salt water unbalance the environment. This poses a threat to the marine and plant life. Using recycled water decreases this process and protects these plants and animals. This process also reduces pollution. Waste water discharge adds pollution, even after treatment. By reducing waste water, it lowers the amount of pollutants introduced into the natural water bodies.

Using an on-site water recycling system provides benefits. These include financial and environmental. For more information, contact us today.


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