Building-Wide Energy Saving Tips

Business building management is always looking for ways to save money, and for good reason: the costs of building maintenance can be exorbitant. Consider these four ways that you might be able to save on building operation costs.


Proper insulation can keep your heating and cooling costs down, while poor insulation will eat away at your building operations budget. If your walls aren’t properly insulated, heat can transfer in and out of your building. Don’t forget to make sure your roof is properly insulated too.

Water Conditioning

Hard water in your business could be cutting down on the lifespan of your appliances, as the mineral deposits that hard water leaves behind can corrode your pipes, eventually ruining your plumbing. Install a water conditioning system if you think you have hard water.

Lock the Temperature

In an office, people may be changing the temperature all day. Gently remind employees that even a few degrees can result in a big change in utilities every month. It may also help to get a cover to lock the temperature controls in your building. For facility optimization, you might even consider installing automated temperature controls that adjust the temperature based on current building occupancy or time of day.

Low Flow Water

Low flow is the name of the savings game. We use way more water than we need every day. Install low flow toilets and faucets to reduce wasting water and to save big on your water bills each month.

Performance Solutions can help your building analyze long-term solutions for your building operations and management. Contact us for more ideas on how to optimize your building's performance to lower utility costs. A bit of investment now could return great savings for many years to come.


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