Business Operations to Run Your Facility More Efficiently

Energy use and waste is a popular conversation. Environmental organizations are making more noise, and the government is passing stricter legislation. The average citizen is becoming more conscientious of how much energy they consume and how much energy the businesses from which they buy consume. For a company, becoming more energy efficient is not simply a cost-saving measure, but possibly a profit-creating initiative. The greener an organization is, the more customers they can bring in, the more customers they can retain, and the more tax breaks for which they are eligible. That said, it is good to be aware of the most effective and innovative ways that a business can adjust its operations to reduce their energy use.

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Occasionally Work from Home

Many businesses are starting to look kindlier on the idea of working from home. For one, it is a big incentive to many potential hires. It allows them to save money and time on their commute to and from work. It also offers them more freedom if they have young children. Additionally, working from home permits schedule flexibility to work their own hours.

Employees aren’t the only beneficiaries; it’s also a big bonus for many businesses. When employees come into an office, they use company resources and electricity. They need heat in the winter and air conditioning in the summer. They use water for drinking, washing their hands, and other needs. All these resources add up. Energy use in the office can be significantly reduced if employees are permitted to work from home even just one day a week.

Holding Virtual Meetings

Every company has meetings for team collaboration. Sometimes the meetings are internal and between different office locations. Client meetings are usually frequent. And other times, meetings take place with vendors. Much of the time, though, these meetings are scheduled to be in-person. Someone, or multiple people from the organization, must often fly or drive to a distant location. This consumes fuel, which could be avoided simply by changing the meeting to a virtual one. With Internet and technology like Skype and WebEx, a virtual meeting can be just as effective as an in-person meeting. In fact, applications often have additional collaborative tools that can make meetings even more productive.

Strategically Plant Trees

Trees can be used as a natural buffer for weather. If planted strategically, they can provide enough shade for a building during the summer to minimize air conditioning use. In the winter, trees can even block the building and its windows from chilling winds, reducing heating needs to maintain a comfortable environment indoors.

Use Energy Star-Certified Appliances

Over the last few years, appliance manufacturers have developed advanced mechanisms for just about every appliance on the market, making them considerably more efficient. At first, many companies are skeptical about making the switch and purchasing Energy Star products. They know that they are more efficient, but the initial investment in appliances can be very costly. In addition, older equipment seem to be in working order and have quite a few years of life left in them. It can be difficult to reconcile the cost of a new product; however, it is often worth it to get rid of the old machine and replace it. Older models do not operate at optimal efficiency and waste significant amounts of electricity and resources. If an organization sits down and really crunches the numbers, they will see the benefits of investing anew. It might create a hefty upfront cost, but the costs will recuperate itself aplenty down the line.

Performance Solutions works with buildings and managers to develop a plan to maximize performance and reduce operating costs with strategies that are perfectly customized for you and your facility. For more comprehensive ways to make your building energy efficient, please contact us.


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