What Is the Difference Between Performance Solutions and Performance Contractors?

Your facilities energy consumption impacts your bottom line, sure — but management of your facilities is not just a matter of dollars and cents. Cost of ownership is only one of the things you’re worr...
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What Is Asset and Facility Optimization?

Asset Management on the Cogwheels
Your facilities use energy — sometimes not in the most efficient manner. In fact, energy is a major factor in the cost of doing business. And your facilities require money to manage them. An asset and...
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A New Office and a Whole New Brand

new brand
Back in 2013, when Performance Solutions officially became its own division of parent company BCS, we knew we had something special to offer our healthcare, education, government and commercial client...
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We Develop Facility Optimization Strategies... Not Bandaids

Close-up view on conceptual keyboard - Optimization (green key)
There are two ways to handle problems at your facility. You can hire a traditional contractor to discover a project they can cash in on, or you can hire Performance Solutions to uncover a maintenance ...
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A Big Solution for Derby Schools

Big Thing Ahead
Derby ISD, a school district in Kansas, was faced with failing HVAC and steam units, high energy bills, and other maintenance issues that threatened a number of their schools. Instead of hiring a grou...
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