Tips to Engage Staff in Conserving Energy in the Workplace

Encouraging employees to save energy in the workplace is good for the both environment and your business. The key to effective implementation is getting staff on board, which isn't always easy. Below ...
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Facility Optimization Solutions for College Campus

College Facility Optimization
The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) states that over 20 million students attend colleges and universities across the country. A college degree is an expensive educational investment th...
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What is an Energy Audit for Businesses?

Energy Audit
An energy audit is a formal survey, analysis and inspection of a building or company’s energy flows, processes, systems and conservation efforts. The Department of Energy encourages home energy audits...
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How Building Automation Solutions Benefit Hospitals

Hospital Building Automation
A hospital’s building automation system does much more than just optimize the HVAC system. Advanced building automation systems enable administrators to monitor and control a wide array of critical fu...
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How to Effectively Minimize and Mitigate Energy Waste

Minimize Energy Waste
Did you know that America is the global leader in wasting energy? The financial consequence of wasting and overusing energy is increased operational costs.  Companies that waste energy will spend...
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