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Secure Your School with an Integrated Fire and Life Safety System

indoor hallway with brick walls and wooden floors with fire extinguisher and stand in middle of hallway
In a school, there are several important resources, systems, and equipment to keep all moving parts running. One important system that needs to always be in working order is the fire alarm system. Whe...
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The Value of Hospital Security Systems for Staff and Patients

Surveillance Camera in hospital hallway
In Healthcare, there must be meticulous planning in place for patient and staff safety, especially in light of mass shootings and attacks that fill our nation's news reports. Use of modern technology ...
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Improve Your Fire Survival Chances

building on fire with smoke
According to FEMA, there was an estimated 104,600 non-residential fires in the United States each year between 2006 and 2015. While non-residential fires are less common than fires at home, they are s...
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New Video Technology Enhances Security – Part Two

man in hood with face hidden taking selfie
Many security systems and methods are growing obsolete with new advances in technology, and it is important to keep up. Building control and security are becoming simpler and more efficient. For examp...
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How to Plan for a Safe Hospital - Part 2

hospital room with two beds
As mentioned in "How to Plan for a Safe Hospital - Part 1," employing a safety officer, designating a safety committee, and performing internal audits are great steps to take to increase hospital safe...
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