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#14: Mirror Back Instructions and Goals

By: Ken Stoppel Listening is a truly golden asset, and it doesn’t cost a thing.  It’s far more important to “listen”, than to “talk”.  Think about it, who are our favorite people to be aroun...
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All Problems Are Opportunities

Our founder and CEO, Ken Stoppel, shares his experiences and advice. Here's Ken's Metaphors for Success #13: Welcome adversity. It is the predecessor to wisdom. As I always say, “If learning from our ...
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Have an Eye for Problems and Solutions

Ken's Metaphors
As the late Henry Ford once said, “If you think you can, or you can’t, you’re probably right”.  Never underestimate the power of optimism.  Anyone can find fault with something, or someone.&...
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Honesty, Dignity, and Respect

Kens Metaphors
Our founder and President, Ken Stoppel, shares his experiences and advice. Here's Ken's Metaphor for Success #11: If I could choose three words that epitomize a preferred code of honor, in conducting ...
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Success is Meeting or Exceeding Expectations

Kens Metaphors
Ken's Metaphors for Success #10: Success truly is “meeting, or exceeding expectations”, be it Customers, or Employers.  At our core, we ALL want to please.  Nothing is more powerful than a f...
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