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Top Ten Tech Tools

veto pro pac tool bags
Here are the BCS Parts Top Ten Tools you need to make your job easier and more efficient. 1. VETO Pro Pac Tool Bags These backpacks make carrying comfortable. Tow your tools while keeping your hands f...
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The Importance of HVAC to the K-12 Learning Environment

student taking test in classroom
The average American spends 93% of their life indoors. For a school aged child, that is spent largely at school. According to National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), there are almost 99,000 p...
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What is Underfloor Technology?

UFAD Vents Smaller Image
Most buildings utilize ceiling-based air distribution systems to keep the building comfortable and air floor pumping.  However, this has come under question as the benefits of Underfloor Air Dist...
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Benefits of Underfloor HVAC Technology

UFAD heating diagram
Underfloor Technology, or Underfloor Air Distribution (UAD/UFAD), is a method of delivering space conditioning in offices and other commercial buildings. It uses open space between a structural concre...
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Extend the Life of Your Commercial HVAC Unit

office conference room with overhead ventilation system
When it comes to overall building maintenance procedures, implementing a specific plan for your commercial HVAC system can extend the life of your unit and save money in the long run. Having an effici...
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