The Six Least Compliant Joint Commission Standards

Facilities play a crucial role in the lives of hospital staff and patients. In life or death situations, a hospital’s environment is essential to staff and patient wellbeing. After all, patients spend...
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The Importance of Timely Service for Your Equipment

Importance of Timely Service
When managing large volumes of equipment, it can be challenging to keep up with the needs of the facility.  Amidst your never-ending list of day to day tasks, you don’t have time to pay attention...
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HVAC Systems Preventative Maintenance Tips: Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning
One of the most overlooked, but critical things that requires regular cleaning is your commercial air ducts. Regular air duct cleaning is an important part of preventative maintenance to ens...
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Importance of Preventative Maintenance for Commercial Building Roofs

Preventative Maintenance for Commercial Buildings
When it comes to preventative roof maintenance, it very seldom comes to mind. It's a lot like tires in that we tend to only think about it when a problem occurs. However, just like with tires, mainten...
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Green HVAC Systems and Energy Still Need Old-Fashioned Maintenance

Green HVAC Maintenance
Although there are major improvements that can significantly lower your utility bills such as changing your roof color or installing Energy Star-rated air conditioning units, there are also ordinary w...
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