Green HVAC Systems and Energy Still Need Old-Fashioned Maintenance

Although there are major improvements that can significantly lower your utility bills such as changing your roof color or installing Energy Star-rated air conditioning units, there are also ordinary ways to ensure you are having the lowest environmental impact possible. For example, many homeowners are not aware that a basic maintenance and inspection appointment from an HVAC specialist can significantly lower their utility bills in unexpected ways, and saving energy is a cornerstone of green living. In other words, it pays to have regular maintenance for your HVAC unit if you use your air conditioning frequently for your utility bill budget as well as your carbon footprint.

Green HVAC Maintenance

Cleaning your HVAC machine saves utilities

One of the most significant things that surprises property owners is how much their utility bills can rise if the outside unit is covered with dried grass from a lawnmower.  Other issues that can cause your HVAC motor to draw utilities at a higher rate is not being well-oiled and having compressor coils full of dust or dirt.  Finally, cleaning filters and air ducts will keep your motor from pulling too hard against air filtering devices that are too clogged for air to flow freely.

One money-waster an HVAC specialist can pinpoint

Another major issue that will cause your HVAC unit to increase utility bills is having the outside unit resting on a surface that is not level. This happens often because many property owners want to surround the outside air conditioning unit with something that makes it obscured from the curb. Over time, roots can grow under the compressor unit and cause it to tilt. When the compressor is tilted, it draws more electricity than usual and homeowners or property owners will see a dramatic increase in their bills.
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