Green Initiatives to Implement to Save on Building Operation Costs

When you're managing investments to your building, you may wonder whether it's really more efficient to capitalize with green materials. While it’s generally good for your business to take concern for the environment, is the overall expense worth it? In many cases, green initiatives can help save on building operations costs, reducing your long-term expenses, and that makes it well worth the effort. Try these green initiatives in your buildings to cut down on operation costs.

exterior of glass building wall with reflection of trees

Install Solar Panels

Generating your own energy sounds like a dream. Depending on the size of your building, especially your roof, you may find that solar panels can generate a significant portion of the energy for your business uses every day. This will save you a large percentage of your regular energy costs. Despite the large upfront investment that may be daunting to many business owners, over the years, solar panels more than pay for themselves in resource generation and reducing expenditures.

Take Advantage of Immediate Financial Incentives

When you're planning and constructing the foundation and structure of your building, it's important to consider various incentives to encourage the use of green materials. In many cases, you can receive tax credits from the federal government, state government, and even local government to use green materials throughout your building process. Consider the specific incentives available for your area, whether it's using eco-friendly building materials or generating some of your own energy through alternative means, like solar or wind energy, around your building. Your incentives may vary based on your local area and the type of building you're creating.

Plan and Build Facilities with Energy Efficient Equipment

By using green building materials, you can increase the energy efficiency of your building by as much as 30%. This means significantly less money spent for heating and cooling expenses and other important energy uses over the years. Consider items like:

  • Energy-efficient HVAC units, specifically those with an Energy Star label. These require less overall energy to heat or cool your building.
  • Windows that are designed to prevent energy loss through glass. 
  • Materials that fit tightly together, preventing energy loss through gaps.
  • LED lights and other lighting elements that use less energy to create the same brilliance needed throughout your building. 

Add Water-Efficient Components

Resource efficiency doesn’t solely take into account electricity; you can also implement green initiatives to save money on your water bill each month as well. Consider choosing eco-friendly materials like:

  • Low-flush toilets that use a smaller amount of water to move waste through the pipes
  • Sinks that are designed with automation to only turn on when someone activates it
  • Shower heads, if relevant, that use less water
  • Appliances, like dishwashers and washers and dryers, that carry the Energy Star rating and are more efficient in their water usage

Consider Long-term, Sustainability in Your Plans

Green building materials aren't just designed to be eco-friendly on installation. They're also designed to last longer, giving you a building that will stand the test of time. Eco-friendly materials require standards of high quality, so implementing them in your business will be wise in hindsight when cheaper materials fail earlier. Green materials also typically have lower maintenance costs, which means substantial cost savings over the years. When you don't have to replace components of your building, you'll discover that it's much less expensive to maintain the entire facility. 

Going green for your building isn’t merely providing a label for your eco-friendly business. It also accrues substantial cost savings over time. If you're ready to create an eco-friendly building that will help take care of your business for years to come, contact us today to learn how we can help. We'll work with you to design and plan your building, choosing quality, eco-friendly materials that fit your operations and budget needs.


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