HVAC Systems Preventative Maintenance Tips: Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

One of the most overlooked, but critical things that requires regular cleaning is your commercial air ducts. Regular air duct cleaning is an important part of preventative maintenance to ensure that your HVAC system is functioning properly, that there are no leaks, and that your indoor air quality is up to par. Commercial air duct cleaning is a must this summer season, and here's why.

Air Duct Cleaning
    • Conserve Energy: When your HVAC system is full or dirt and debris, it is harder for the system to perform properly. Unwanted debris will force each part to work harder than normal, which expends unnecessary energy. With regular air duct cleaning, your HVAC system can work more efficiently and faster, thus conserving energy.

    • Improve Air Quality: Just as your desk collects dust over time, so does the air ducts in your office. While filters may catch a lot of this debris, much of it settles in the duct. Since the HVAC system circulates the air that you breathe, this dust will be pushed out into the air, which can cause problems for people with allergies or asthma. Regular air duct cleaning minimizes the amount of airborne dust, creating a healthier work environment for you and your employees.

    • Save Money: Regular air duct cleaning will not only conserve energy and create a healthier office environment, it will also save you money. When your HVAC system is filled with debris, it has to work twice has hard to circulate air. This can result in hefty utility bills. With regular air duct cleaning, your monthly utility bill will be much lower. Regular cleaning also extends the life of your system, which will save you the most money in the long run.

By having regular commercial air duct cleaning, you are taking an important step in maintaining your HVAC system, and keeping your office as healthy as possible for your staff.

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