Invest in LED Lighting and See the Savings

Can your choice of lightbulb impact your company's budget? Surprisingly, the answer is yes. While there are several options on the market, the LED lightbulb is the smartest investment choice.

Benefits of LED Lighting

Based on energy consumption alone, LED bulbs can help a company realize substantial savings versus traditional incandescent light bulbs and even compact fluorescent lights. Incandescent lights use almost 500 times as much energy as an equivalent LED light while CFLs use about 20% more energy than LEDs.

While it is true that LED lights are more expensive on a per unit basis, this cost is deceiving. During the life of a single LED bulb, you can expect to have to replace traditional bulbs at least ten times and CFL three. This makes the lifetime cost of the LED less expensive, in turn saving you money in the long run.

A hidden cost related to replacing bulbs is the expense of replacement. Having to replace lights less often leads to maintenance savings. Keeping a single replacement light on hand for an LED versus a shelf of backup bulbs for incandescent lighting saves inventory costs. Also, CFL bulbs contain hazardous materials requiring special disposal procedures, adding to their maintenance costs.

Another unseen impact is on your HVAC bill. Incandescent lights generate a lot of heat. CFLs, while cooler, still generate noticeable heat. LEDs are cool. Your facility’s lighting has a is a significant impact on your HVAC system simply from the number and type of lights in your facility.

The experts at Performance Solutions are happy to meet with you and develop a transition plan to reduce the sticker shock of switching to LED lights so you can start operating leaner and greener.


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