Ken's Metaphors for Success: The Making Of

In the spring of 2014, I was requested by my grandson to make a presentation during “Career Day” to his eighth grade class.  They were tasked with gathering a group of speakers to “share their story” about their various career paths that lead to their ultimate successes.  I quickly realized that this would be one of the most important presentations that I would ever make, with my grandson front and center.

Rather than bore them with routine material, I decided to do something special, to dig into the archives and share some things of substance.  Collected in the following, over the coming weeks, are some of those valuable bits of shared advice that I have learned the hard way.  I referred to them as “Ken’s Metaphors for Success”.

They are not simply something lifted from a book, or a Google search.  They are substantive tidbits that I have experienced personally, from both the eyes of a budding young Student and Employee, as well as an Employer looking for the right blend of talent and attitude.  This may not suit everyone, but it won’t miss it very far.

Here goes the first of many:


Care vs. Know

As both an Employee, as well as an Employer, I’ve noticed that personality traits routinely fall within two distinct categories.  They either “care”, meaning that they are loyal, passionate individuals, while usually not being the sharpest tool in the shed, OR they “know”, meaning that they have considerable expertise and raw skills, but their attitude suffers for various reasons.  If you want to hit a home run, blend the two traits together.  People that go places are both passionately dedicated and knowledgeable.  I’ll put up ten people that care against one hundred that don’t.

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