LG New Product Rollout

BCS accompanied some customers to the LG Product Rollout at Arrowhead Stadium last week.  LG presented their new product lines to engineers, contractors, and end users.

The benefits are numerous; modern style, less piping for installers, and increased energy efficiency for owners. LG has industry leading low sound levels, so units are quiet and can be installed where sound is an issue.

Some of the innovative features of the Multi V IV are the HiPOR (High Pressure Oil Return) and the heating mode Vapor Injection.  The HiPOR allows higher efficiency because the oil is returned to a compressor through a separate inlet pipe and the mixing of oil and refrigerant is reduced.  In this system, the oil recovery cycle is only initiated when the oil level is too low not every 6-8 hours like LG competitors.  This allows better efficiency of the compressor.  The heating mode vapor injection provides improved heating performance at low outdoor temperature.

The Multi V IV also provides extended, cataloged heating range down to -13F.

LG Operating Range

For the Multi V IV installation, there are less parts and pieces than competing product lines.  Because there are fewer pieces, this decreases the cost of parts and labor of installation, which is a win-win for the entire project team including the owner.

Another new product LG is offering is the Hydro Kit.  The hydro kit’s benefit is saving energy through heat recovery operations.  Hydro kit is an efficient way to recover waste heat from VRF air-conditioning systems. The Hydro Kit receives heat from the Multi V VRF system waste heat to provide hot water for use in kitchens, bathrooms, radiators, floor heating, and pools. The two major benefits of the Hydro Kit include:

    • Provides hot water and floor heating with less energy consumption than a boiler.

    • Gas Boiler systems require exhaust to the outside. No exhaust or exhaust piping required with Hydro kit. Hydro is compact and easy to install. Can connect to multiple heat pumps for additional savings.

LG duct-free and multi split heat pumps have some good benefits for building owners and occupants (end users).  The ideal places to use these systems include stairwells, machine/equipment rooms, and places where you want tenant metering.  These systems take up less space to allow for additional architectural details and are more efficient than traditional systems.  Each space can be individually controlled to keep occupant at a comfortable temperature.

This product line is LG’s premiere VRF system. Multi V IV is designed to provide the owner the benefits of VRF – lower operational costs, minimal or no duct work to install, tenant comfort with individual zoning, efficiency superior to other technologies while maintaining architectural integrity. The benefit of zoning for heating or cooling is that it provides a level of comfort for the owners and tenants.

For additional information or to receive a presentation on LG VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow), please contact John Martin, P.E. at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Brian Hatridge, LEED AP at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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