Maintaining Your Long-Term Storage with Climate Control

Storage areas used by businesses tend to gather a lot of documents and old objects – things that cannot be thrown away but aren't necessarily of much value in the day-to-day operation of the business. These items may stay in storage for years, even decades, before they are disposed. The temperature and relative humidity at which they are stored can have a huge impact on how well they weather their time in storage.

Maintaining Your Long Term Storage with Climate Control


Higher temperatures increase the rate at which most stored objects begin to degrade. According to the North East Document Conservation Center (NEDCC), temperatures no higher than 70°F should be maintained in storage areas in which documents are kept in order to reduce deterioration.


The NEDCC also suggests that relative humidity remains between 30 and 50%, with emphasis placed on lower humidity levels. High levels of relative humidity can damage paper, textiles, wood and other objects over time.


Fluctuations in temperature and humidity cause natural materials to expand and contract. Over time, this natural process can cause lasting damage to your archive. Because maintaining optimal temperatures is important. Installing a separate commercial climate-controlled system is the best way to ensure that you maintain appropriate temperature and relative humidity levels in your storage area.

We have been providing customizable HVAC solutions to businesses since 1985 and can help you create a custom-designed, high quality and efficient climate control system for your storage area or any building room. Contact us to learn more about customizable temperature and humidity control solutions for your long-term storage.


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