How to Maximize Building Automation with Employee Training – Part 1

When it comes to building automation, consistent and comprehensive employee training is one of the best ways to maximize both ROI and performance. Employee training can be divided into three important stages.

Stage One – Pre-Training

The pre-training process begins when management identifies and agrees on employees’ development needs and organizational goals. The process continues as management decides the best solution to develop the target skills and behaviors. These include online courses, on-the-job training, one-on-one coaching and team-based seminars.

Training facilitators will specify expectations, establish the educational objectives and define how the skills should enhance employee performance. This is the ideal time to discuss concerns, limitations and the post-training evaluation method. For example, focus on which training topics will contribute the most to building efficiency and cost-savings.

Stage Two – During Training

Building automation enhancements and new system implementation will deliver results and increase efficiency, but not all employees may see it that way. Technology-challenged employees often assume the worst about new solutions, so they may feel they face a steep learning curve. Management can minimize these concerns with alternative instructional methods for different learning styles.

Employees must be given adequate time to participate in the training without interruptions or pressure to deal with regular duties. This is the best time to demonstrate shortcuts and helpful hints that will allow employees to quickly resolve problems. Advanced training can be process-driven to help technically proficient employees understand the nuts and bolts of the system. Basic building automation training for regular employees should be results-driven.

Contact us to learn more about how to better train your staff on building automation and operations in order to maximize efficiency and team output.

Part two will cover the final training stage of building automation education, including best practices for trainers, employees and management.


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