Advanced Metering Infrastructure and Water Loss Prevention

At Performance Solutions, we focus on helping you reduce the total cost of operations across all aspects of water and wastewater treatment plants. From energy-saving aeration to high-efficiency HVAC a...
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Offsetting Rising Interest Rates in TX

Rising Interest Rates in Texas
During the housing crisis, the Obama Stimulus Package passed and kept interest rates artificially low for encouraging investments, home-buying, and other economic improvements. The Federal Reserve mai...
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Energy Audits Drive Efficiency in Commercial Buildings

energy audits
The basic goal of energy management is to help provide goods and services with the least cost and environmental effect. BCS Performance Solutions helps businesses with energy optimization, which relie...
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The Benefits of On-Site Water Recycling

Benefits of On-Site Water Recycling
Many companies are finding benefits by using on-site water recycling. This process allows a business to recycle water to meet their demands. It saves money and energy while providing the uses of regul...
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3 Benefits of Facility Updates and Building Automation

Benefits of Facility and Building Updates
Organizations thrive on comfort, efficiency and productivity, and cost savings. Facility upgrades and building automation solutions are excellent ways to avoid breakdowns, increase sustainability, and...
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