What Exactly is Energy Sustainability?

What is Energy Sustainability?
When we talk about energy, we tend to think of the immediate impacts of the choices we make. For example, fossil fuels are still fairly cheap, but they're harmful to the environment. Solar and wind en...
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How Can Performance Solutions Help Your Business?

How Performance Solutions Helps Your Business
What exactly does Performance Solutions offer and how can we help businesses? Facility and asset optimization programs are useful and are a necessity to keep your building running energy efficiently. ...
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Finding the Funds for Building Sustainability

The terms “going green” and “green building” are buzzwords in the energy sector. This is defined as opting for a sustainable and renewable way of living by focusing on reducing, reusing and recycling....
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Union Station Becomes Leader in Energy Efficiency, Installs Multi-Media Kiosk to Encourage Community Sustainability

Union Station Kansas City and operations manager, MC Realty, partnered with BCS Performance Solutions to address high utility costs. After replacing an antiquated building automation system and implem...
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Energy Myth #5: Efficiency Costs

Our engineering team hears a lot of energy myths. We want to set the record straight. In #6, we debunk a common energy efficiency myth.
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