Problems and Dangers of Outdated Building Operations and Equipment

white skyscraper building with boarded up windows
Relying on the same building operations and equipment for a very long period can be hugely problematic. Even when they aren't exhibiting any obvious malfunctions, they might still be costing organizat...
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Easy Energy-Efficient Habits for Your Building - Part 2

exterior of offices in skyscraper building at night
This is the second half of our two-part article on workplace energy efficiency. Last time, we discussed how external factors can influence the resource consumption and energy or maintenance expenditur...
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Easy Energy-Efficient Habits for Your Building – Part 1

snowy alley between buildings with leafless tree
Energy efficiency movements are more than just a craze; it's a financial reality. "Going green" has evolved to an incredibly practical way to save money on your power bill. Today, building managers ca...
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Green Initiatives to Implement to Save on Building Operation Costs

exterior of glass building wall with reflection of trees
When you're managing investments to your building, you may wonder whether it's really more efficient to capitalize with green materials. While it’s generally good for your business to take concern for...
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New Technologies in Facility Operations Efficiencies

computer lab workstations
Facility operations require several different technologies to run and maintain various components, and to run them efficiently requires even more tech. Buildings will use many different resources to f...
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