Preventative Steps to Keeping Your School Safe

Over the last year, school security has been heavily discussed among school officials and parents, and there is some validity to their concerns.  With all the school shooting incidents, school officials are trying to find better ways to keep teachers and students safe.  It’s really unfortunate that society has come to this but it’s something that has to be addressed in all schools and even other public places.

There are several ways to keep people safe in schools.  Unfortunately nothing is 100 percent guaranteed but there are some steps that can be taken to deter shooters and other dangerous people from entering the school and causing chaos.  Several schools on the east and west coasts have installed panic buttons throughout the school for staff to press when an emergency arises.  When these buttons are pushed, 911 dispatchers are alerted and send out emergency crews with no questions asked.  Although it may still take five to ten minutes for emergency crews to arrive, it allows teachers and staff some comfort in knowing help is on the way.

Writing an emergency plan (specifically targeting active shooters) should also be completed and communicated to everyone in the school.  Educating teachers, staff, students, and parents about the emergency plan and the steps that are or will be taken in case of an emergency can be the difference in life and death.  Spending one day informing teachers and staff the expectations is value added for them and parents.  This gives everyone direction when mayhem occurs.

After the Sandy Hook Elementary Schools shooting last December, BCS had several school customers reach out to us about their security systems.  We’ve completed school security projects that alleviate teacher and parents’ stress dealing with the security of their child.

One project we completed was installing a DSX system which is an access controlled system. “BCS assisted with the design and planning of our DSX Access Control System in order to keep students and staff safe and secure on our campus,” said Nick Cusick of Wichita Collegiate Schools.  “We wanted the system to lock down the campus, have time locked doors, and have alarm notifications sent and BCS made it happen.”  Teachers and staff can lock down the campus with one touch of a button.  Emergency crews are dispatched when alerted by the staff.  Every door stays locked except the front door, which is scheduled automatically.  The system is easy to use and allows comfort to parents for the safety of their children.

These projects, from start to finish, can be completed within a month if the school knows exactly what is desired from a security system.  Installation can be completed after hours, so it doesn’t disturb teachers and students.  Cusick said, “The quick installation and knowledgeable staff made this project seamless and painless.  Because of this system, our students and staff now feel more secure with this system installed.”

Regardless of the size of the school, every school needs to evaluate their security plans and make sure their teachers, staff, and students are as safe as possible.  There are some relatively inexpensive ways to do this, so if you are interested in receiving a security audit or would like additional information about security systems, please contact Rob Powers at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  BCS, in conjunction with Professional Engineering Consultants, PA, will also be hosting a safety and security conference on Tuesday, November 12th in Dodge City.  Please check back on our website for registration or send an email to Lindsay Young at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to receive registration information.



After Tragedy, Schools Turn to Technology, U.S. News,  August 20, 2013

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