Security and Logistics for Your Workforce Access Control

Keeping your doors open to the public may be polite, but for many offices, having open access to their buildings can be a safety and security nightmare. Knowing which employees should have access to which files, containers, and areas in your building can be tricky. Keeping accidental or malicious breaches from happening requires serious control.

Security and Logistics for Your Workforce Access Control

Access Control Systems

Access control systems have been around for years and do an excellent job of providing physical security in commercial offices. Although some systems still use the familiar card or fob to identify users, other more advanced systems may use Bluetooth and other technologies to provide even higher levels of security.


These systems are not just for keeping people out. Access control software records all door events throughout the day and can assist in employee tracking. It also allows you to remotely override controls and customize access by date, time and user groups as well. This makes fine tuning the logistics of your workforce while maintaining control a much easier task.


Access control systems are versatile products that allow you to provide extra security without requiring additional monitoring. Setting up user groups, adding and removing employees, and changing access rules is quick and simple and can be accomplished by your office staff. Since system maintenance is provided by your servicing company you do not need to worry about having an onsite tech trained in maintaining your system.

Even if your building only needs one or two restricted access doorways, we can help find an access control solution for you. Contact us today for more information on commercial building access solutions.


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