Spring Cleaning Tips for Large Buildings

After a long winter, spring is a welcome relief to many. For a facility manager, spring is the time for upkeep. Spring cleaning involves maintenance for those parts of a building that require it after a long period of cold weather, especially if it’s been neglected. Spring cleaning is also important for getting ready for the months of hot weather ahead. Review your maintenance program for the upcoming year with the tips below.

maintenance worker on outside of skyscraper building

Clean Your Carpets 

Dirty carpets are one of the big problems facilities face after winter. Carpets undergo a lot of messy traffic during the cold season. Every foot that enters the building tracks in debris, mud, and salt. Thoroughly cleaning the areas and building entryways that see the most traffic is essential. This not only helps keep up appearance, but also it gets rid of dirt and debris that can seriously impact indoor air quality. Proper preventive spring cleaning will also lengthen your carpet's lifespan.

Wash the Windows 

Windows are notorious for being difficult to clean. Window cleaning is a job that no one wants to do but is also one that can have a big impact your building's appearance. Winter can be hard on all areas of your building's exterior, including your windows. Dirty windows affect how your building and, thus, your organization are perceived. Windows have an effect on the building's interior as well. Accumulated grime on your windows can diminish the amount of natural light that reaches building interiors, affecting the need for electrical power, utility budget, and even the mood of people within. Washed windows provide more light and can improve morale. To maximize the benefits of window cleaning, clean your windows both on the inside and out this spring.

Work on Your Landscaping 

Landscapes can have a major impact on how your visitors and employees view your building. By properly maintaining your landscape, it is possible to give any facility a more inviting appearance. Spring is the time when the landscape around your facility will need your attention the most. You many need to initiate jobs now like laying down mulch, trimming bushes, and planting new flower or shrubs, so they will have time to flourish and grow for warmer weather and summer. You will also want to inspect your irrigation system. Look at nozzles, sprinkler heads, and valves to make sure there are no leaks and that everything is in working order.

Maintain Hardscape 

Winter weather is just as hard on concrete and pavement as it is on the building's exterior. Check all walkways, parking lots, and patios to ensure that they are in good shape. Potholes form in winter from freezing and expanding water in cracks and grooves, so inspect to make sure pavement isn’t severely damaged and unsafe. You may need to repair, replace, or power wash to keep it all looking good and to ensure that it lasts for as long as possible.

Maintain Furniture 

While your carpets are more likely to need attention in the spring, there is a strong likelihood that your furniture will need some spring cleaning as well. The snow and mud that gets tracked in over the winter can damage the fabric and sometimes even the structure. It is especially important to inspect upholstered furniture to determine whether it needs professional cleaning.

Inspect for Pests 

Spring signals nature's rebirth after winter. Among the creatures that will be multiplying during this season are pests like mosquitoes, termites, and bed bugs. Infestations can close down a facility for weeks in some of the worst cases. As with most other aspects of facility management, the best course to take is the preventive one. Identify the most likely pests to cause problems in your area, and take measures to keep them out. If you previously had problems, inspect and correct any issues that may draw critters to your building now.

A well-maintained building benefits both the productivity, health, and morale of staff, personnel, and other tenants. Proper maintenance and investments can reduce costs and ensure that your facility performs at optimal levels. Contact us to learn more about programs to optimize your facility and maximize savings.


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