Stay Warm and Keep Your Cool: Preventative Maintenance Tips for Temperature Control

Your temperature control system is something that hums away quietly in the background, keeping your building, hospital, or school comfortable, until a problem occurs. Your employees, clients, patients, and students count on you to keep their environment adequately heated and cooled. Disruptions to your Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems can wreak havoc on your daily operations and utility costs. It is important to keep your equipment healthy and operating at its full potential.

Preventative Maintenance Tips for Temperature Control

Here are a few ways to prevent a total system breakdown:

    1. Scheduled Preventative Maintenance. Keep your HVAC systems running in tip-top condition by scheduling regular preventative maintenance. Servicing your systems will keep them running properly and efficiently for as long as possible. Preventative HVAC maintenance, like oil changes in your car, can prevent future problems with your system. These check-ups also make it possible to catch and repair minor problems before they become costly, major ones.

    1. Component Repair & Replacement. Even the most properly maintained system will have parts that wear out and need replacing. Necessary repairs and replacements on old, worn out equipment with new, high-quality parts will keep the system running seamlessly, avoiding a complete shut-down.

    1. Emergency Response Service. Breakdowns in your temperature control system seem to happen at the most inconvenient times. The heating system breaks down when it's below zero or the air conditioning goes on strike during a heat wave. Have an emergency response service on speed-dial to get your system up and running again as quickly as possible.

    1. Customer Temperature Controls Training. Sub-optimal controls programming limit even the best systems. To help you get the most efficient and cost-effective use out of your system, BCS offers training tailored to your specific facility and HVAC system. You can be confident that your staff will know how to properly program your system.

At BCS, we understand that your HVAC system represents a significant investment in your facility. We know that a properly maintained and running system is essential for your operations. Let us be your partner in temperature control, so you can focus on your own priorities.

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