Tips to Engage Staff in Conserving Energy in the Workplace

Encouraging employees to save energy in the workplace is good for the both environment and your business. The key to effective implementation is getting staff on board, which isn't always easy. Below are some tips to introduce energy-saving practices in the workplace.

Create Awareness

Notify all staff members of the goal to increase energy efficiency.  When notifying staff, introduce imagery, posters, and signage to encourage engagement.

Work Together

Invite staff to provide suggestions or share steps they currently take to reduce energy use. Encourage staff to remind each other.  It may also be helpful to designate someone to ensure everything is turned off at the end of the day.

Use Energy Saving Settings

Adjust computers in the office to hibernate or turn off the monitor after a period of inactivity. Set any vending machines with ambient light to dim or switch off the light between uses. Reduce paper use by setting printers to print on both sides of paper and encourage digital-only sharing of documents.

Start Small

Small changes can make a big difference, especially in larger workplaces. Start off by encouraging staff to turn off monitors if they step away from the computer for extended periods, such as during lunchtime. Remind employees to turn off lights in areas not being used. At the end of the day and over weekends have all workers turn off computers and monitors.

Update Staff with Results

Make a note of the starting point and share reductions with staff to demonstrate the changes are meaningful.  When you provide regular updates to staff, you continue to exhibit and emphasize their importance to the success of the initiative.

Interested in learning about alternative ways to conserve energy in your business?  Performance Solutions is available to help you reach your energy goals. Contact us for more information.


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