Training Employees Can Benefit Facility Management

For a facility to provide the best environment for employees to work, it requires a dynamic system, which can often be quite complex. A staff of professionals is on hand to keep this system operating; however, they cannot do it alone. All employees have a major impact on how well the building systems enable workers to accomplish their business goals. Training employees on how building systems maintain their working environment will boost productivity and efficiency.

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Reduce energy consumption

The activity or non-activity of employees play a major role in how much energy the facility consumes. Trained employees know how their actions impact energy consumption. For example, educated employees know how and where to turn off lights that are not needed.

Improve comfort

To achieve comfort, the building systems provide minimal temperature swings, steady humidity, and optimal airflow. Actions of employees can counteract this effort. For example, some employees may have heaters under their desk. Trained employees know about these systems, and they understand the impact of their actions.

Provide better feedback

Employees take matters into their own hands when they do not understand how facility management works. They do this without knowing the process nor importance of providing feedback to the facility management staff. “I keep reporting it, but nothing is ever done.” This comment is all too common from employees. The trained employee understands the reporting process and is specific about the problem.

Employees’ action and input are vital parts of successful facility management and operations. Now is the right time to educate employees about facility management. Contact us to learn how optimally training your staff will help your facilities run smoother.


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