What Is Asset and Facility Optimization?

Asset Management on the CogwheelsYour facilities use energy — sometimes not in the most efficient manner. In fact, energy is a major factor in the cost of doing business.

And your facilities require money to manage them.

An asset and facility optimization program makes all of this work more predictably and cost-effectively. It breaks you out of the break-fix cycle and optimizes your entire system for the long-term.

When you optimize your facility operations, your organization can realize:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Reduced energy bills
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Better synergy between systems
  • Real-time monitoring of equipment
  • Data reporting that enables better decision making

An effective facility and asset optimization program assesses and fixes the root cause of immediate problems while also addressing energy waste. It produces immediate benefits and also sets you up for more predictable operations cost management. It creates better systems for monitoring equipment, as well as collecting and reporting the data.

It gives you immediate and future building intelligence – providing real-time data for on-the-fly decision-making while also giving you the data you need to anticipate future facilities needs.

It’s a more comprehensive and forward-thinking approach to maximizing building performance and cutting energy consumption.

Why Predictability Matters

A predictable energy, capital and facilities budget reduces budget spikes. You know – the ones that blow your entire budget on emergency maintenance without even the promise that it won’t happen again in a few years.

A predictable budget is not only easier for you and your organization to manage, it helps with your long-term planning and enables you to more easily invest in capital projects. It enables you to create more intelligent energy budgets and forecasts.

Other Benefits of Asset and Facility Optimization

An effective optimization program creates better cooperation and collaboration between executive teams, facilities teams and vendors.

It provides transparency so organizations can make better decisions, even in real time.

It reduces deferred maintenance and lowers energy expenses.

Finally, it helps executives deal with mounting pressures and prove ROI to stakeholders through tracking and validation of savings.

Break Tradition, Be a Hero

Hiring a performance contractor every few years to do a condition assessment or energy audit is fine. It’s the traditional route and the results are predictable.

But an asset and facility optimization program can offer you that PLUS increased ROI and more long-term value.

The end result? You look like a hero to the executive team.


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