What Is the Difference Between Performance Solutions and Performance Contractors?

blueprintsYour facilities energy consumption impacts your bottom line, sure — but management of your facilities is not just a matter of dollars and cents. Cost of ownership is only one of the things you’re worried about.

Facilities management impacts:

  • Equipment performance
  • Your ability to make data-based decisions
  • Program and regulation compliance
  • The comfort of everyone who uses the facilities – from staff to customers and students

Considering the huge impact your facilities operations have on your organization, would you rather fix things as they break or have a plan to maintain and upgrade systems throughout their lifecycles?

There is a difference between a solution and a fix.

A solution addresses immediate needs, then considers how to anticipate and manage future needs as well. A solution is specifically designed to address the broader requirements of an organization or business.

A fix solves a specific, present problem. It doesn’t consider root cause or how the problem impacts other systems, nor does it consider how to prevent that problem from occurring again in the future.

Do You Need a One-Time Fix, or Do You Really Need a Long-Term Solution?

You might not think your temperature control system is life-and-death – but you’d be wrong.

A broken temperature control system was nearly the cause of a huge fine for one local hospital. The joint commission discovered that there were issues with temperature control in surgery rooms, and the hospital was on the verge of receiving a huge fine. We discovered the root cause of the problem and fixed it in time to avoid the costly fine, but it was a wake-up call for this hospital. It caused them to address their overall facilities management program to avoid these surprises in the future.

You don’t have to let that kind of crisis happen in the first place.

When you hire a performance contractor, they will fix your immediate problems. They’ll also:

  • Save you money on your energy costs
  • Perform industrial-grade audits
  • Solve short-term facilities operations issues

That all sounds great. But what happens when things break in the future? There’s no plan for that and no preventative measures taken.

An asset and facility optimization program is actually what you need to reduce surprises and plan for the long term. This program goes further than fixing immediate problems. This program approach is a true solution.

Here’s how we do this for our clients at Performance Solutions:

  • We improve your overall operation for the long term
  • We educate your staff to help them understand how to reduce energy usage and spot optimization opportunities
  • After taking the time to understand your business needs, we provide a strategic energy and maintenance program that works with your budget
  • We build a financial model and funding mechanism
  • We perform necessary repairs, recommissions and retuning of your equipment and systems
  • We identify the root causes of problems, then create and implement an plan for reducing future issues
  • We provide facility management technologies that make it easy to pull reports and view equipment data in real-time

Ultimately, this asset and facility optimization program creates predictability and transparency. This not only impacts your bottom line, it makes it easier for your organization to make better decisions.

The Solution is a SOLUTION

So what do you need? A fix or a solution?

If you are constantly surprised by energy management expenditures or unexpected facility operations costs, it’s time to get out of the break-fix cycle. Consider a facilities management solution so you can plan your expenditures and make better, data-based decisions now and in the future.


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