What's the 75 Foot Smokestack?

Welcome to our newly redesigned website! We hope you enjoy the site and the resources it will provide to you. There are some new features to our website including an entire page dedicated to you, our customer, on training, and a page devoted to our projects we have completed over the past couple of years. We have also entered into the social media market so make sure to “LIKE” us on Facebook, “Follow Us” on Twitter, and “Follow” us on our LinkedIn Page to stay up-to-date with all the happenings at BCS.

Why the updated website? Well, last spring, BCS moved into its historically renovated office space, previously the “Luling’s City Laundry” facility, on East Douglas in Wichita. Ken Stoppel, BCS President and Owner, had been thinking about rebranding the company and saw no better time to do this than after moving into our new space. Last fall, Ken posted his thoughts on Facebook about the rebranding process.
As Owner and Founder of BCS, I've decided to take on a mission of refreshing our brand, unifying our message, but most importantly, bringing our logo to a current level of sophistication and class, on a parity with those in the industry.

After having given birth to the current logo, some 27 years ago, I feel it's the right thing to do... my gut tells me so. Honestly, this process feels like putting a pet down, because his looks simply don't suit the standards of today. Progress is certainly painful.

Moving forward, we've hired the best in the business to champion this initiative... in developing our new timeless logo, as well as making our website "second to none".

In short, "stay tuned". You never know, our 75' illuminated smokestack may be part of the change....

As you can tell after eight months of forward progress and some painful moments, we are finally to the day to relinquish the website to the whole wide world. I’m sure you’ll find some errors, because we aren’t perfect but we strive to make things right. Make sure you browse around our website and check out how we can help you. We would appreciate your feedback on how to make the site more useful for you.

We are still working on that 75’ smokestack so give us your thoughts.

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