What You Should Consider Before Deciding Whether to Upgrade or Replace Your Building Automation System

The process of setting up an automated system, though meant to address a given problem, can be costly as well as resource and time-consuming. Over time, after a lengthy use of a building automated system (BAS), facility managers face the question of whether to replace or upgrade the existing systems.

consider before upgrade or replace building automation system
When deciding, several considerations come to mind; thus, facility managers must analyze the pros and cons of each system to make an appropriate decision. Among them are the following factors:

    • System Service Life: By nature, the service life of system designs is finite. It might not be a sound idea to upgrade a building automated system (BAS) whose service life is ten years when it has already served eight or nine. Replacing it may be preferable. With proper servicing, though, a system could last a little longer than its specified service life.

    • Technology: New technologies often render others obsolete and relegate them to inferior performance. While considering a replacement or an upgrade, it is paramount to sift through all current changes and even the anticipated changes in technology. Given the cost of replacing a BAS, it would be in vain to put in place a system whose technology would be outdated soon into the future. At the same time, consider ease of use and adaptability of the new technology.

    • System Performance: System performance is a key determinant of whether an overhaul is necessary, or if just an upgrade would keep the system going. Even with frequent servicing, systems may reach a point where replacement is the only option. Making a thorough analysis of the system’s performance is the best way to determine steps to take.

Whether the choice is an upgrade or an overhaul, the budget can dictate the final course of action. When making the comparisons, have all the essentials in mind and make a budget for both an upgrade and replacement.

Please contact us when making an upgrade or replace decision on your building automation systems. We strive to help you keep your BAS in optimal condition.

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