Winterize Your Building and Save Money

Colder weather is approaching, and with it comes a host of potential problems for building owners, like frozen pipes, cold air-leaking doors and windows, and ineffective heating systems. Help prepare your building for winter by taking a look at the following areas.

Winterize Your Building and Save Money

Temperature Control

When temperatures drop below freezing, pipes could freeze and burst in an improperly heated building. While it seems logical to simply set a thermostat just above freezing at 32 degrees, remember that not all parts of your building will reach that temperature. There is bound to be an area that the heat just won't reach, so it's necessary to keep the building thermostat set to a temperature just high enough to keep the coldest part of your building above freezing. For older buildings, you may find that this temperature is between 56-58 degrees, while in newer buildings, you may be able to go as low as 50 degrees. With automatic temperature control systems, this can all be regulated and can save you money on your heating bills. It will also prevent any freezing and water damage that will need to be repaired later.

Building Automation

Because running HVAC systems are often a large expense for building owners, it is helpful to monitor and control the HVAC systems within your building to avoid any unnecessary usage. With building automation, you can conserve energy to operate a cost-effective building that is comfortable for all inhabitants. 

Mechanical Systems

Using equipment that is old, dirty, or starting to fall into disrepair can be a huge drain on your budget, since bad equipment runs inefficiently. Have all your HVAC components maintained regularly to make sure they are running as resourcefully as possible. With regular maintenance, you can quickly and easily find the problem areas and repair or replace anything that is working poorly.

For more information on how to winterize your building and save money, contact us.


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