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    Facility Optimization Through Building Controls and Automation

What is Building Automation?

Building automation is the act of automating a buildings central systems through a building management system. The goal of building automation is complete autonomous control of your building or multiple buildings. This includes familiar systems such as:

Mechanical Equipment

Rooftop units, fans, AC drives, ventilators and many more pieces of mechanical equipment make up the building automation process. When performing building automation, it is essential to have quality tested components to ensure long-term efficiency for your facility.


When one pictures security systems, they usually think of a person sitting in front of many monitors that show various angles of the property they are protecting. Though a system such as the one mentioned above is often used as a layer of security, there are many types of security systems that are needed for various buildings.


Lighting systems are a crucial part of building automation. If not monitored and appropriately automated, lighting systems can be a large drain on energy and ultimately your buildings expenses.


When one thinks of building automation, typically they are thinking of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) automation. HVAC is widely associated with climate control which impacts the comfortability of those occupied in the building. Unautomated HVAC systems can be a sizable drain on resources and costs, which we carefully evaluate during an energy audit.

Humidity Control

Improperly used humidity controls can affect people living with asthma and allergies, damage buildings and equipment, and cause unpleasant odors for people in buildings. With that in mind, utilizing building automation for humidity offers many benefits other than reducing energy.

How Building Automation Can Help

Cost Efficiency

Building automation systems on average can save 15 to 30 percent of a buildings energy costs. At BCS, we have numerous case studies from multiple industries outlining just how much money and energy has been saved for buildings across Missouri and Kansas.

Comfort Maintenance

Building automation and facility optimization services allow for efficiently maintaining the temperature in your building, which helps reduce wasted energy costs associated with heating and cooling while providing a comfortable work environment for your staff and guests.


Graphical interfaces allow you to see what is occurring with your equipment throughout your building. This remote monitoring and advanced reporting saves both time and manpower when investigating building issues.

Long-Term Investment

Within a few years, the investment often pays for itself. Also, a building automation system can help increase your facility’s property value.

Our building automation professionals can help you manage your facility through monitoring, control and scheduling the many components within your facility. Our building automation systems control building loads based on your building’s unique criteria and analytics. We can help you implement a new system or integrate with an existing system.

Because heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment can represent the most massive use of your building’s energy, correct operation and scheduling of your automation system is crucial to your bottom line and to the comfort of all who use your facility.

Our fully-trained and experienced technicians work all over Kansas and Missouri. They understand the climate and demands of buildings in the region to provide the Building Automation services listed below.

Building Automation Services

System Installations

System Modifications

System Retrofits

Ongoing Maintenance

Software Support

Efficiency and Cost Savings Assessments




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“Via Christi has contracted with BCS on many of our facility’s projects. They are very responsive to our needs and resolve the issue the same day we call them for service. They make innovative suggestions on things we don’t think about to make our mechanical systems operate more efficiently and are our solution’s provider. We look forward to building our partnership with BCS.”

-Todd Levey, Via Christi

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“BCS was able to make adjustments to the Northwest YMCA building automation system and mechanical to allow it to operate more efficiently and conserving energy usage. Through their expertise, they were able to reduce our energy usage at the branch. We continue to partner with BCS on other YMCA branches to find additional energy efficiencies on those buildings.”

- Adam Elliot, Vice President of Property, Greater Wichita YMCA



You expect strong products with sophisticated engineering from Siemens; Siemens’ HVAC components live up to those demands. Their lines feature construction that make installation simple, options that help users save money and designs fit for any facility.

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    Relevant Case Studies

WSU Rhatigan Student Center

WSU Rhatigan Student Center

Despite added square feet, extended hours of operation, and increased power usage, the RSC experienced a 15% drop in energy consumption per square foot.

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American Ag Credit

American Ag Credit

Employees are enjoying maximum comfort and productivity in customizable spaces with innovative HVAC applications.

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Immaculate Heart of Mary

Immaculate Heart of Mary

Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Convent are enjoying comfortable, personalized spaces with fresh and consistent air flow.

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Exploration Place

Exploration Place

Replacing outdated technology helped transform a vacant classroom space for a growing, thriving student program.

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