Garvey Center

Strategic Energy & Maintenance Program: Mechanical Optimization to Multi-tenant Unit


The Garvey Center, located in the heart of downtown Wichita, partnered with Performance Solutions to design a multi-phase program around the goals of improving BAS data, lowering utility costs, and amending deferred maintenance. The program will be completed between two phases. Phase two is currently underway.


In 2013, the Garvey Center ownership, Builders, Inc., contacted us regarding exceedingly high utility costs. A performance contract had been performed by another firm in 2007 and had told Builders, Inc. that it would take an additional $3.0 to $3.6 million to address their current issues. We knew we could design a more cost effective program.


Mechanical Improvements

From installing new control valves on heating and cooling loops to installing a new plate heat exchanger, Garvey Center’s central plant is performing better and more efficiently than that last 20 years. Other inefficiencies were resolved through cleaning the heating and cooling coils, flushing the hot water system, cleaning the cooling towers and brushing the condenser coils.

Central Plant and Mechanical Optimization

The new plate heat exchanger dramatically enhanced energy savings as opposed to conventional mechanical methods. The addition of control valves to the chilled water system is allowing dynamic pumping scenarios, so the chilled water system only pumps what the building needs to be comfortably cooled. The program has resulted in savings of 1,239,613 kWh, 2886 kW and 274 MMBTU.

Advanced Building Technologies

Replacing an outdated building automation system with newer DDC controls has enabled the owner to be more aggressive in operating the buildings while ensuring proper comfort for all tenants. To enhance the ability to optimize the central plant and conserve energy, we implemented a Building Intelligence Program (BIP). This allows the Garvey Center General Manager to quickly make informed decisions on facility operations and energy reductions with a lean staff, very busy schedule and rent paying tenants.


The Strategic Energy & Maintenance Program for the Garvey Center resulted in not only, 26% reduction in utility bills but also 5% greater savings than originally projected. In total, this translates to $200,000 in annual savings.

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