Hays Middle School USD 489

Hays, KS

Heat Pump Age:
50 years

HVAC Equipment, Controls, Ducting

Mechanical Contractor: Glassman Corporation
Mechanical Engineer: Hoss & Brown Engineer, Inc. (Lawrence)
Electrical Contractor: A&H Electric
Architect: DLR Group

Hays Public Schools made a 30 year piece of equipment last 20 years past its life expectancy. The middle school's heat pump was about to turn 50. Even superbly maintained equipment can't escape mortality. The district was faced with a decision: replace the equipment or risk its unscheduled demise.

After meeting with BCS, the district decided to go with equipment that had the potential for greater efficiency and few maintenance headaches. AAON equipment was the best choice due to its ease of maintenance, adaptability, and longevity.

LG Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems were also put in place. These LG systems give Hays more zoning options and the choice to heat or cool made by each zone's occupant.

Fibertec ducting and Siemens Controls were also installed, contributing to greater energy savings and fewer maintenance calls.

Additionally, BCS conducted on-site training to teach the team methods to ensure the greatest efficiencies.

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"When we went with this system, we knew there would be savings. We were spending a lot of time with maintenance issues. We were closer than we want to admit to having a system failure that would have been really expensive and untimely. Comfort was taken into consideration for both staff and the students but also for patrons."

Rusty Lindsey
Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds
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