JCB Laboratories and Fagron Sterile Services

Wichita, KS

Building automation and controls system, environmental monitoring, fire and life safety, compliance reviews

The Partnership:
Experts in sterile pharmaceutical solutions, Fagron Sterile Services and JCB Laboratories, companies of Fagron North America, specialize in high quality pharmaceutical compounding. To provide industry-leading quality, building automation and control systems are the crux Fagron Sterile Services and JCB Laboratories.

In this line of work, it’s imperative to maintain employee safety, comfort and productivity to produce the best results for the end users. Many rely on the medications shipped out of FSS and JCB and there is no room for error. To continue producing at the highest quality, Fagron Sterile Services constructed a state-of-the-art facility with environmental monitoring.  They partnered with Building Controls and Services to keep FDA compliance, innovation and safety at the heart of the facility’s design.

This highly technical approach to product protection and security was built specifically to accommodate FSS’s employees and customers. Individually controlled clean rooms keep temperature, humidity and pressure at bay while constantly auditing the environment. Particle counters check sterilization and automatically push alerts if hazardous materials are not maintained properly. Access controls and intrusion monitoring keep employees safe, laboratory procedures securely in place, and quality control integrated into every day. Downtime is significantly reduced through built-in redundancies and their robust monitoring system. Building data is generated into digestible, prioritized reports on a daily basis that serve as a quick mechanism for verification. Notifications are conveniently sent directly to the JCB lab team through email and cell phone. Mechanical equipment is regularly tested, and calibrated and custom standard operating procedures keep everything FDA compliant.

Fagron Sterile Services  and JCB Laboratories are spearheading innovations. Thoughtful building design and automation are setting a precedent for quality control in the pharmaceutical industry and the people who need JCB’s products most are benefitting. We call that healthy buildings making people healthier.

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