Lane County Hospital

Critical Electrical & Mechanical Upgrades

Lane County Hospital in Dighton, KS, partnered with Performance Solutions to complete critical electrical and mechanical upgrades throughout the hospital.

The Challenge

Lane County Hospital had an outdated, unreliable electrical power distribution system that could not support newer medical equipment. Additionally, much of the HVAC equipment was failing, leaving the hospital with mounting replace-ment costs.

The Solution

The improvement program we developed for the hospital included a cost-effective structured financial solution. This enabled the hospital to fit the payments in their budget.

We upgraded the electrical power distribution systems to make immediate Wye power conversions, which will now support newer medical equipment and improve reliability. We also performed interior lighting upgrades to produce energy savings to help offset the lifecycle cost of the program.

Finally, we delivered significant HVAC improvements including repairs on the chiller, new compressors, and recommissioning throughout the building systems.

The Results

Lane County Hospital now has a reliable system that will save energy, reduce maintenance costs and extend the life of the major equipment by ten years.

The eight month, $260,000 retrofit project not only addressed major issues with power and deferred maintenance, but it provided the hospital a 12% energy reduction that will continue to generate savings for years to come.

“[Performance Solutions] identified the project goals, one of which was finding a cost-effective solution for the hospital. We had previously been given multiple equipment replacement estimates from a variety of vendors, but we just weren’t able to justify those costs in our budget, even though we knew we needed to complete them. [Performance Solutions] found a way to achieve our goals without the initial upfront costs.”

Donna McGowan
Lane County Hospital Administrator
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