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    Life Safety and Building Security Systems

Safety and security of a building involves much more than simply locks on doors and windows. Many commercial buildings contain confidential items or documents that need to be kept secured. Depending on the scenario, different safety measures may be needed than the building next door.

BCS has extensive experience in all facets of security design. We understand the importance of keeping employees, assets and office space as safe as possible. We have everything you need to protect your staff, clients and what you’ve worked so hard to build.

BCS is also your source for expert life safety systems implementation. In case of emergency these systems are designed to protect and evacuate whoever is in the building as fast and safely as possible. From unexpected power failures to natural disaster, you want to know that your building’s safety and security systems are ready to handle the situation and reduce the chance of anyone getting hurt. You can trust BCS with expertly assessing your needs regardless of your industry or type of building.

Safety and Security Systems

At Building Controls and Services, Inc. there are many different safety and security options to choose from for your building. Whether you need a high-tech and robust security system to integrate with your building automation, or a simple ID Badging and camera set up, BCS has you covered.

In addition, BCS is familiar with the unique requirements of healthcare institutions regarding security and patient safety. From securing patient health information to keeping patients and staff safe, BCS not only understands your needs but even anticipates requirements based on their experience.

The following is a list of our typical Safety and Security Systems. If you do not see a solution you are looking for, please don’t hesitate to reach out to learn how we can assist further with our custom integrations.

  • Network Video Surveillance
  • Intrusion Detection Systems
  • Video Management and Analytics
  • Mobile Security Management
  • Access Control Systems
  • Cameras and Accessories
  • Expandable Life Safety
  • Audio Evacuation
  • Custom Software Development and Integration
  • Mass Notification Systems
  • Electronic Asset Tracking and Protection Systems
  • ID Badging Systems
  • Fiber Optic Security Networks
  • Biometric Verification Technologies
  • Network Security Applications (LAN/WAN)

Take the Security of Your Building and Its Inhabitants to the Next Level with BCS

At Building Controls and Services, Inc. the professional building security experts can implement high-tech building security systems as a part of your total building automation system. Whether you have physical items that require superior protection or data that needs to remain proprietary, BCS can help keep your building safe. Reach out to our team of building security experts to learn more today.


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“We have a great partnership with BCS and their staff. The technicians are dependable and knowledgeable about our facility and anticipate our needs. They address any controls or security issues we have in the plant before they become a problem. We highly recommend working with BCS.”

-Jamie Heidebrecht, Field Coordinator and Scheduler, NCRA Refinery

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“The staff at BCS has a better understanding of the special circumstances and intricacies of hospitals than any other vendors I have used in the past. They understand the importance of the pressure relationship, required monitoring, and documentation that don't exist in other industries. BCS makes Wesley a priority, and we appreciate their commitment to us.”

-Brian Leabo, Building Services Manager, Wesley Medical Center

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    Relevant Case Studies

Wichita State University’s Rhatigan Student Center

Wichita State University’s Rhatigan Student Center

Despite added square feet, extended hours of operation, and increased power usage, the RSC experienced a 15% drop in energy consumption per square foot.

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