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BCS Parts provides on-site stocking programs for the convenience of our more out of town customers. Necessary HVAC accessories and parts will be stored at a facility near or in your customer’s facility. A parts stocking program can provide convenience, save time and money on travel and delivery and create a more loyal customer.

craig phelps of usd 265 goddard schools in storage closet for stock partsThe BCS Parts on-site parts stocking program has made us more effective in responding to the needs of the district. In fact, BCS Parts restocks as needed whenever we need them to- we don’t even have to call them, BCS Parts just comes and takes care of it. It’s been great! I’d recommend the BCS Parts stocking program to anyone that has several life-size units on their buildings. Let’s face it, everyone is short on man-power. By freeing up my team from parts-runs, we’ve been more efficient in getting problems solved. A BCS Parts on-site parts stocking program is the best thing an owner can do. It’s the best thing we’ve done so far!”

–Craig Phelps, Director of Facilities, USD 265 Goddard Schools

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