Our Services

We believe in our products so much that we actually use them at our facility. If you want a full product demonstration, stop by and visit us at the BCS Headquarters in Wichita.

Every facility has its own unique DNA. That is why BCS offers programs customized to your facility’s specific needs.

Our facility experts offer the following:

  • Scheduled Preventative Maintenance / Testing and Inspection
  • Component Repair and Replacement
  • 24-Hour Emergency Response
  • Operator Training
  • Fire Alarm Testing and Inspection

Although we don’t do this for free (we know, bummer), BCS services are billed to you based on your needs:

  • Technical Support Programs (TSP)
  • Recommissioning or Retrocommissioning
  • Ongoing Service Agreements
  • Contracted Work
  • Time and Material Service
  • New Construction or Service to Existing

Our Mechanical Service Department knows what it takes regarding:

  • Centrifugal chillers
  • Chilled water systems
  • Pumps
  • Screw chillers
  • Hot water systems
  • Air handlers
  • Scroll chillers
  • Steam systems
  • Humidifiers
  • Reciprocating chillers
  • Rooftop air conditioners
  • Steam boilers
  • Air cooled chillers
  • Server room air conditioners
  • Cooling towers
  • Hot water boilers
  • Condensing units
  • Fans
  • Water cooled chillers
  • Split system air conditioners

Our team of eagle eye facility management experts stand ready to find and solve your problems. They will help manage and maintain all of your building’s systems. Whether you need ongoing maintenance, a quick fix to that pesky condensing unit, or it’s time to kick your old system to the curb, we are intimately familiar with the following types of commercial and industrial equipment.

Our mechanical services department will be your facility’s complete life support system, whether troubleshooting controls or related mechanical equipment. You’ll come to depend on our engineers, technicians, and administrative staff for their assistance, and it all starts with Service Supervisor, Matt Henderson.

Matt and his team of trouble treaters can maintain, repair, and overhaul chillers, boilers, fans, water/steam systems, air handlers, and air conditioning equipment made by all the brands mentioned previously. If you’re looking to ensure the operation of the mechanical HVAC equipment in your facility until it has reached its final resting place, then look to our crew. Call or email Matt at mhenderson@bldgcontrols.com  for immediate repair, seasonal preparation, and / or long-term maintenance.