Temperature Control

Dirt makes a mess. As with that favorite shirt of yours, in order for your facility’s Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems to operate most efficiently and cost-effectively, your temperature controls need to be clean. They should also be calibrated and operating correctly.

Most facilities have different types of temperature control devices, often from different manufacturers: some are air-operated (pneumatic), some are electrically-operated, and some are electronically-operated. Within the same building, the ages of individual devices may vary greatly, as well. For example, you may have a grandpa temperature control device mixed amongst all of his shiny, new grandkids.

At BCS, our technicians are fully trained and competent to work on different types of temperature controls by most manufacturers, regardless of equipment age. We don’t discriminate. If you need to mesh primary facility HVAC infrastructure to critical design conditions, with a service team that provides ongoing support, then we’re your guys (and gals).

Our Temperature Control Services TSP (Technical Support Programs) features periodic preventative maintenance; it’s like regular oil changes for your temperature control system. By regularly verifying that all your temperature controls are finely tuned and operating correctly, problems are often avoided altogether or, at least, discovered while they are still minor.

Today’s commercial buildings are constantly being modified and reconfigured to meet the changing demands of business. Our technicians have the experience to make these ongoing modifications to your building’s temperature controls, as well as to spot additional opportunities for enhanced efficiency and cost savings within your facility. Can you say “hello money?”

With the BCS Temperature Control Services TSP you have the peace of mind that your facility’s temperature controls are operating most efficiently and most cost effectively.

Some of the elements that can be included in our Temperature Control Services TSP are:

  • Scheduled Preventative Maintenance
  • Component Repair and Replacement
  • Emergency Response Service
  • Customer Temperature Controls Training